A very quick question on balance bike features

What features do you consider most important on a balance bike? *

1 - Not important at all2 - A little bit important3 - Influences my decision4 - Key feature - really important5 - Most important decision maker
Retail price
Inflatable tires
Non-inflatable foam tires (foam)
Non-inflatable rubber tires (foam + rubber layer)
Adjustable seat
Adjustable handlebar
Big age range
Gradual progression (from 3 to 2 wheels...)
Carry handle or carry strap
Ease of assembly (no tools needed)
Cushioned soft seat
Foot support
Bike stand
Bell or horn
Front light
Rear light
Online ratings/reviews
Quality / durability
Sustainably sourced materials (e.g. bioplastics)
Aesthetics / design / look
Convertability to pedal bicycle

Do you already own a balance bike ?

If yes, do you have a Chillafish balance bike ?

Which (other) brand(s) of balance bikes do you know ?

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