Chillafish - replacement kits survey

Great customers deserve great service. Hearing our customers talk about using our products makes us think time and time again how we can keep on improving our existing products and new innovations.  That’s why we set up this replacement kit program when we learned that some consumers were greatly overinflating tires.  That's also why your feedback is considered essential, be it only loving words or critical remarks.

Making happy, affordable, pure and innovative products is our job. Making you - our customer - happy is our goal.

Thank you for being a Chillafish customer, we greatly appreciate your honest feedback.

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What did you think of the quality of your Chillafish bike before your heard about the recall?
What do you think of the quality of your Chillafish bike now?

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My replacement kit arrived in time
The information Chillafish provided on their website was helpful to me
I feel I got regular updates about the status of my replacement kit
In general, I think Chillafish handled this recall well

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How clear were the instructions for assembly?
How easy was it to assemble your replacement kit?
What do you think of your new wheels with Airless RubberSkin tires?

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